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3 pecan sandies stacked with one eaten right next to it

Pecan Sandies


Pecan Sandies are a bite-size cookie that just melts in your mouth. Tender cookies made with butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, flour, and pecans rolled powdered sugar that practically melt in your mouth.

a cup of coffee and partially eaten biscotti

Vanilla Bean Biscotti


Vanilla Bean Biscotti is the perfect thing to have with your morning coffee or tea. Light, slightly sweet, and filled with lots of vanilla bean flecks. Totally irresistible!

three cheese chicken penne on white plates

Three Cheese Chicken Penne


Savory chicken, fresh spinach, penne pasta, basil, and creamy cheeses are baked together in this simple and fresh chicken dish. Serve with a salad and warm bread for an easy weeknight meal!

leftover turkey and rice soup in a bowl with carrots, parsley, and crackers on a blue table

Turkey and Rice Soup


  When you have had your fill of Thanksgiving leftovers, transform your turkey into a delicious turkey and rice soup! Full of veggies, wild rice, and all the turkey leftovers you have. The Thanksgiving table has been cleared and leftovers have been enjoyed the next day. When you still have […]

wheat dinner roll on a small blue plate with a pad of butter on top with a butter dish and bread bowl in the background

1 Hour Wheat Dinner Rolls


1 Hour Wheat Dinner Rolls are a quick way to get homemade dinner rolls on the table in 1 hour. Soft and fluffy, you’re going to love these wheat dinner rolls!

Watergate Salad Recipe in a clear bowl with a green napkin

Watergate Salad Recipe


Watergate salad is full of pistachio pudding, walnuts, pineapple, marshmallows, and whipped topping. Perfect to serve as a side or dessert salad during the holidays, around Easter, or any get-together!

me holding a fried turkey on a baking sheet

How to Fry a Turkey


  Deep frying a turkey for your holiday table is the ultimate! No more dry or boring turkey here! I will walk you through step by step how to safely and deliciously fry a turkey. I don’t remember what age I was when my dad started frying our turkeys for […]