About Me

Welcome to my blog! Grab a glass of wine, a blanket and a cozy seat on your back porch. I am so glad you are here!

I was raised in a proper southern Kentucky home (yes, Kentucky is MOST DEFINITELY still considered of the south–I have sweet tea in my veins to prove it) where many of my greatest memories were shared around our family table, and when people gathered in our home for many many dinner parties. From breaking beans on a blanket with my grandmother to creating an immaculate table setting at a church dinner, I was born and raised to cook and entertain. Food is in our blood, it fuels our body and spirit and gives life to so many beloved memories. My hope is to give you just a glimpse into what makes me and my love for all the sweetness gathering around a table can bring.

My husband and I live in Kentucky where we continue my childhood traditions and love making our own. I am a lover of sushi, salted caramel, chicken and dumplings, a good spinach and fruit salad and an ice cold glass of bubbly champagne. There is nothing better than dinner on our back porch with family, a glass of red wine, game nights with friends, running and being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning with my love, Justin. There isn’t a bad day that a dollop of homemade whipped cream and a hug can’t make better or belly that cannot be warmed with a warm homemade cookie. A dinner full of cheese, bread, fruit, and wine is heaven. 

justin and i sitting on the couch with wine glasses

My hope is that this blog can be a beautiful marriage of both my childhood and my life now. To help people know how to entertain, cook and have people into their home. To show you that is doesn’t have to be messy or complicated, or your home to be picture perfect for you to invite others to sit at your table and love them through a meal and hospitality. 

Simply put, loving people through food around your table and everything that fuels my southern soul.


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me pouring a glass of wine while making a charcuterie board