Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread on Cake Plate

Guys! I am really excited about this recipe! I am really excited about this weekend! I am really excited about Christmas! Every Christmas morning growing up we would have breakfast casserole that mom had made the night before and a big pot of Weisenberger Mill grits (drooling as I type thinking of this meal). It […]

Chorizo & Veggie Breakfast Hash

breakfast hash

I am pretty passionate about food. Duh–I have a food blog. I get super excited over meals, recipes, and restaurants that are DELICIOUS, have good memories associated with them and bring me great joy. This dish is not specifically one of them but many parts are. I, or I should say we, discovered chorizo when […]

Protein French Toast

Protein frech toast and fruit

Raise your hand if you love breakfast. All day. Everyday. Yes! I see you breakfast fanatics! The lovers of pancakes and eggs for dinner. The person so knows there is no better time for a bowl of cereal than late at night. All of us breakfast for dinner actually anytime of day lovers unite! Behold, […]